The German press about Renee Van Bavel:

Die Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Powerful yet filled with nuance, the noise of tingling glasses in the room dies away the moment she starts singing.”

Kieler Nachrichten:

“The singer immerses herself in her songs, rubs herself against them, then gently takes them by the arm and there is hardly anyone in the room that doesn’t hang on to her every single word.”

The Press in Belgium about Renee van Bavel:

Het Laatste Nieuws

“With the overwhelmingly beautiful Opgaan in jou (Merging into you)  Renee made THE Dutch love song of the year, and the slow rising Vanavond (Tonight), a duet with Thé Lau from The Scene has everything to become an instant classic.”

De Morgen

“The Dutch Renee van Bavel has a voice that can tell a story and the skill to write lyrics that stick to your heart.”

The press in the Netherlands about Renee van Bavel:

De Volkskrant

“Van Bavel crystal clear without any melodrama, lyrics like little gems.”

Het Parool

“Damn, that Van Bavel can sing! Not only musically, but textually strong as well. She’s a pro.”